Join a Committee


The Membership Committee ensures that the chapter actively identifies and recruits new members and stewards current members so as to ensure the sustainability of the chapter.


The Governance Committee is responsible for providing an organized recruitment process to fill Board vacancies in an effective and efficient manner that will ensure a skillful, diverse and committed Board and also for maintaining other governance documents including the chapter’s Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.


The Program Committee ensures that our chapter conducts at least four programs annually that are in furtherance of the mission and the initiatives of the State and our chapter.

Special Committees 

Special committees, ad-hoc committees and task forces are created in order to pursue specific goals of the Board. Current special committees include:

  • Communications & PR
  • Chapter Representative to State FAWL

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council was created so that our chapter would benefit from the longstanding community service, wise counsel and support of designated former FAWL board members.