Informed Voter Project

Today, all across the nation, the fairness and impartiality of courts is threatened by powerful special interests seeking to tip the scales of justice in their favor. The success or failure of special interest efforts to weaken the courts rests on their ability to mislead voters, particularly if voters lack sufficient knowledge about how impartial courts uphold the rule of law.

Voters must protect fair courts and equal justice for all by exercising an informed vote.

We encourage FAWL members to give or organize presentations within their local communities. FAWL and the Informed Voters Project of the National Association of Women Judges, as well as The Florida Bar Benchmarks: Raising the Bar on Civics Education program, can help! Please utilize our new, interactive toolkit for the occasion to keep audiences fully engaged, and not just passively sitting.

The new FAWL toolkit has everything you need to organize an Informed Voters Project presentation. “Audiences love Benchmarks,” said Judge Michelle Sisco, chair of The Florida Bar’s Constitutional Judiciary Committee that developed the program. “They learn a lot and have fun, too…” Learn more »