2020-2021: Facing Challenges – Embracing Change

When our new board of directors meets every summer to plan the upcoming year, one of our main tasks is to select a theme. During the summer of 2020, we faced the difficulty of coming up with a theme that fit these unprecedented times. How could we pick a “catch phrase” that encompasses our goals and hopes for the coming year when faced with all the difficulties going on in the world, from rampant social injustice, to political turmoil, and of course, the COVID-19 pandemic that has touched all our lives in one way or another?
After much discussion, the board agreed that our theme should recognize both the good and the bad of 2020, as well as hope and optimism for 2021. After all, even though 2020 was a difficult year for many of us, and things are not likely to change significantly in the immediate future, those difficulties have led to great progress and advancement, bringing about a revolution in how we live our lives, educate our children, maintain much-needed connectivity with our family and friends, and of course, how we practice law. We hope you will join Sarasota FAWL in the coming year as we are FACING CHALLENGES & EMBRACING CHANGE.